Data Cleansing

Data Hygiene

 Data Hygiene services give you a clean list. Understanding Data Hygiene & the importance of removing bad list data from your customer files is essential in order to maintain your brand’s reputation. Email Hygiene processes first remove mal-formed addresses, and then verify the email address exists by “pinging” the address.

        Wrong address data can diminish your marketing returns, your knowledge about your customers, and even your cash flow when promotional material and campaigns don’t reach them. Learn more about Data Hygiene and how to cleanse your data with the most accurate & up-to-date contact information, so you can have confidence in your customer or prospect database.

Merge/Purge Services specializes in providing sophisticated and customized merge/purge services to help you improve your marketing and sales databases. It’s the combination of technology and expertise which maximizes our excellence in accurate data matching. Matching criteria is developed on a personalized project-by-project basis to yield the best results based on confidence scores and match rates defined for each project. Merge/Purge service does not use a robot to Merge/Purge data, because we know your data is valuable and needs more than a simple data format.